Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It Just Is.

Mysterious. Beautiful. Confusing. Risky. Seductive. Worthy. Conservative. Comfortable. Complex. Free. Awkward. Mature. Giddy. Exotic. Childish. Annoying. Reserved. Colorful. Insensible. Playful. Classy. Chaotic. Spontaneous. Careless. Original. Reckless.

It's an inexperienced collaboration, a frightening connection, a scary commitment, an uneasy vulnerability.

It's what my parents have, what makes Hollywood money, what forms fairytales, what causes butterflies.

It's irrational and unreasonable.

It's overflowing, uncontrollable, can't-wipe-the-smile-off-your-face joy.
It's overpowering, unbearable, rather-be-dead-than-hurt-this-much pain.

It's the "no one else" and "never again," the "now and forever," the "let's grow old together," the "you take the remote," the "go out with the guys," the "I'll do the dishes," the "let's watch the game," the "forever's not long enough," the "you're all I need."

It's the "is this worth it" and "you don't get it," the "what were we thinking," the "why don't you listen," the "don't you even care," the "you're so selfish," the "I think I want out," the "you don't trust me," the "why didn't you tell me," the "do you still love me."

It's the good with the bad, the rights with the wrongs, the laughs with the tears.

It's the "I will if you will," the give and take, the meet in the middle.

It's all I am and all I'm not.
It's all I have and all I desire.
It's all I want and all I need.

It just is.