Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trusty Chucks

There is one thing and one thing only I love about fall: the clothes.

When the cool weather hits, there's nothing like putting on some old blue jeans and a nice, warm hoodie. And scarves. I love scarves. My scarf fetish was often the brunt of many jokes from my beloved college roommates. (And it only got worse when I got a job at Gap.) :)

But the best are my trusty pair of black, high-top Chuck Taylor shoes. There is something about fall that makes me want to wear them every day, regardless of my outfit.

I've had these shoes for about 3-4 years. But they've been worn longer than that. My little brother gave them to me when he outgrew them. I'd wanted some Chucks, but after trying them on, I decided new ones didn't have enough character—and I didn't want to pay for them. So when my brother asked me if I wanted his, of course, I said yes.

There was only one small problem. They were about two or three sizes too big. Though after several trips and stumbles, I mastered walking in them. (I was quite determined.) These shoes have it all: character, dirt, rips. And they're still kicking. (ba-dum--ching!)

Fall is now here, and guess what, I just removed my sweet Chucks. I'll probably wear them again tomorrow, even if I'm wearing brown....okay, maybe not. :)

I guess clothes aren't the only thing I love about fall. Trees changing and Thanksgiving are in the ranks too.