Thursday, September 29, 2011

Changing the World

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." - Anne Frank

I want to be a world changer. 

Now that's a big dream. A dream that I once thought was unattainable, ridiculous, and, frankly, naive. I thought the whole "change the world" bit sounded like a beauty pageant Q&A line and would never be taken seriously. But I've come to realize that's so far from the truth. I can change the world, and so can you.

Changing the world happens one loving person at a time.
Changing the world doesn't take a superstar platform. It doesn't take a spouse. It doesn't take living in a city or having a million Facebook friends. It takes a single person deciding to act in love and compassion, deciding to show kindness instead of impatience. When many people (even in the Church) are proclaiming the world's going to hell in a hand basket, world changers are the ones giving hope for tomorrow, believing that Jesus came to restore and are actively being part of that restoration process.

Simply showing one individual generosity can change his/her world, and that's changing the world.

Let's change the world, friends.

What does being a "world changer" mean to you?


Anonymous said...

All true world changers throughout history have had one uniting commonality: the ability to see beyond what current exists before their eyes. The ability to perceive a changed world, a better world, and the potential in peoples, cultures, and nations. And behind that ability lies a innate desire to realize that potential, but more than that, the inner resolve that that potential CAN be realized and that WE can be the agent of that change.

YOU are such a person with such an ability. And I can tell you confidently, you have been changing worlds for years now...

Love you. And keep on pressing forward in dreaming, changing, restoring...

Jessica Shewan said...

I agree with both of you. I'm reminded about those who "speak truth to power." When we talk about the the possibilites beyond what exist, we help make them realities. When the news is all negative, we talk about the stories of hope that in fact are present, giving those unheard voices power. Or, conversely, when our world is blind to brokenness, we can be prophets and shine light on the dark places. All of this brings freedom and change. And where does that power or vision come from? What I'm suggesting is beyond human capacity. May the Spirit teach us to have the eyes and live compassionately and courageously. It's a big task, changing the world, but it's ultimately not my responsibility to implement it.

I'm glad to know and learn from you world changers.

Lilli said...

Only the Gospel has the power to change, so being a world changer is to live a Gospel saturated life. I am so grateful that through His amazing grace I can be a world changer as well! Yay God!

Brittany Black said...

Our ultimate model for being a world changer is Jesus. Every time that He had an encounter with an entire community, or spoke to a crowd, or interacted with an individual person consistently lives were changed. Jesus walked into town bringing with him a spark of hope, freedom from bondage, companionship, and life-change.

Being a world-changer, to me, is allowing your life to overflow with compassion for those around you. Living with so much compassion that it moves you to action and that action is bringing love, hope and mercy to the "world" (big or small) around you.

Thanks, Emilee, for being a world changer and inspiring others.

Anonymous said...

to me it means being changed by Jesus

Anonymous said...

to me it means being personally changed by Jesus.

The world will never be the same!

Keri Wyatt Kent said...

Hey Emilee
Thanks for stopping by my blog to leave a comment! I appreciated hearing from you. I love your post here--I think God intends to redeem the world and calls us to participate in that grand plan!

Anonymous said...

I think this is the kind of epiphany we all need to have. I totally thought "oh my gosh, total beauty pageant line" myself, but it's not. It's so easy, and all those world changers add up and make something wonderful happen. And it means whatever you decide to do, however you decide to change the world, you go full force with that one giant passion and don't look back. We're full of enough doubt. I think you've got it in you to make something big happen.

What I always ask myself and others is this: "Where is your heart?" Where does your heart reside?